Coffee Facts

The Coffee Association of Canada has compiled the following facts about coffee:

Coffee puts you in a better mood - Study by Johns Hopkins University in Boston found that caffeine made subjects more energetic, confident and ready to work.

Coffee helps you stay alert - Studies show that night workers are less prone to accidents and errors if they drink coffee and drivers are less likely to have accidents.

Coffee is good for your memory - A study conducted in Maastricht, Holland found that coffee can combat the forgetfulness that often accompanies aging.

Coffee helps fight the common cold - Coffee can help cold sufferers recover faster by relieving the sluggish feeling colds leave behind

Coffee consumption is not linked to cardiovascular disease - Studies provide strong evidence that moderate coffee consumption is not associated with increased risk of developing coronary heart disease.

Canada's Food Guide to Health Eating supports the fact that coffee is not bad for you at all. "For most people, intakes of up to 400-450 mg * of caffeine per day do not increase the risk of heart disease, hypertension or adverse effects on pregnancy on the fetus".